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How To Treat An Escort on a Date

If you’ve taken the plunge and have hired the services of an london escort agency, it’s time to look into what else goes in the ideal date. For starters, you need to stop thinking that escorts are somehow any less because they’re getting paid to spend time with you. You’ve solicited their company, and it is important to understand that the agreement is two-way. Assuming that they’re not worth giving attention to is not the ideal mindset to take on your date.

Here are some helpful tips to help you navigate this world.

Keep the money ready. Escort services are a cash-only business. Once you’ve solicited a date, then, make arrangements for the money to be paid. A messy wad of notes won’t do at all. Nor will a fat pile of ones! Try and pay in big denominations (50s would be ideal).Put the neatly arranged notes in an envelope and carry it with you when you go. If you’re meeting your escort at a restaurant, then, she/he will have figured out a way to be discreet about the cash exchange.

If, however, you’re meeting the escort in a hotel room, leave the envelope where they can see it – either on the side table or in the bathroom counter.

Take care of your appearances. Once again harking back to the same point that you are the one who has requested the company of an escort not anyone else.

If you wouldn’t dress like a slob for a regular date, there’s no reason that a date with an escort should bring out the worst in you. Shower, wear nice clothes, wear perfume – take some care about how you look.

Escorts are professionals, so, they won’t really say much. It’s up to you to show some decency. Now that you’ve worked that out, remember that the rest of your evening will be just fine if you let go of your inhibitions and have a good time.

That being said, hiring an escort and regular use of escort services is a slippery slope. If, by your bad luck, you get caught soliciting someone who is undercover for law enforcement then jail time is a certainty.

That being said, if you’re a regular, chances are that you already know the nitty-gritty and won’t get in too much trouble.

Be on time. Every minute lost comes out of your pocket. Try not to be tardy. It doesn’t help in the least. Anyone, escort or not, doesn’t like to be kept waiting. Once you fix a place to meet at, reach a few minutes early to see if you need to make any last minute arrangements, or freshen up.

Be clear about what you want. Expecting intercourse just because you’ve hired an escort is very clueless. When you speak to them, make sure you tell them what you expect on your date – intercourse or company or anything else. Most escort services only offer social company and nothing more if both parties engage in intercourse the service reserves the right to plausible deniability stating that they don’t offer call girls but escorts. Since the definition of both is a blurred line, be very careful about what happens on the date.

Go some place nice. Once again, this is a decision you have made. It makes no sense to go to some seedy joint just because the person you’re with is an escort. Find a nice restaurant, or hotel and set up a good date.

There are a few things you should know while hiring an escort.

The internet is the new directory. Escorts and escort companies are all online. If you’ve watched police procedural shows on TV, you’ll know that most of these services use proxy websites to lead to the actual directory of escorts. All escorts on escort companies are rated online. They have their own version of a yelp service wherein customers give their ratings and detail their experiences so that other customers have an easier time picking out escorts for themselves.

There are such a thing as touring escorts. Escorts can’t possibly make a good living while staying in the same place and escorting the same customers over and over again. Usually, they also travel to other cities – or state that they are open to travel to other cities. This is not a common practice in most western countries – but mostly something that escorts in Eastern Europe do.


Escorts are very well-paid. This is a well-known fact most escorts can charge up to $1000 an hour depending on the clientele they are servicing and the services they offer. Some escorts charge much higher, but that all depends on how good looking and sophisticated they are. The highest paid escorts are the ones who are seen with the 1% or the pro athletes – basically the people who have the heaviest pay cheques

Each country has its own rules for escort services. Some countries like Amsterdam, have trade unions and pay for licenses on such services. So, depending on which country you hire an escort from, know what you’re getting into.

There is a code. Like all activities that are illegal, escorting too has its own way of navigating this minefield by creating a lingo that implies the various kinds of services on offer depending on what a client wants, it’s up to the service provider and the client to negotiate these terms and conditions.

While it’s easy to get into how this is a bad and exploitative industry, it is existing and thriving only because of demand. In this day and age, with attention spans being what they are and with relationships no longer striving to be a romantic ideal, it is becoming easier to embrace a life that has no restrictions on what is and isn’t right.

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